Senior Examiner Seminar Single Pilot Aeroplanes


Senior Examiner Seminar - Single Pilot Aeroplanes are held on the following dates and locations


On-Track Aviation (Wellesbourne Airfield) 10 April 2019

On-Track Aviation (Wellesbourne Airfield) 8 April 2020

Seminar Online Registration
FCS1500 Payment Form
SRG1128 Examiner Revalidation/Renewal

Seminar Information
April 2019

Credit/Debit Card


(a) Completed the examiner authorisation issue / reissue / variation-application and payment forms and sent to CAA (SRG1128 / FCS1500)

(b) Meet all of the Part-FCL Subpart J and K requirements to maintain instructor and examiner privileges as applicable to role

(c) Clear evidence of having:

(i) conducted at least two assessments of competence for the issue, revalidation or renewal of an examiner certificate in each year of the authorisation period. The record of these assessments must be made available to the CAA Inspector/Staff Flight Examiner at the time of revalidation

(ii) attended a senior examiner seminar within the final year of validity

(d) The CAA reserves the right to observe a senior examiner conducting an examiner assessment of competence at any time during the validity of the senior examiner authorisation

Should a senior examiner fail to demonstrate a satisfactory level of competence during an assessment of competence, a notice of failure will be issued outlining the reasons for failure. Should the applicant hold a certificate granting senior examiner privileges for another examining role, those privileges will also be suspended pending successful completion of a further assessment of competence


(a) Completed the examiner certificate re-issue application and payment form(s) and sent to CAA (SRG1128 / FCS1500)

(b) The Head of SSC Technical Services will firstly decide whether the senior examiner had been sufficiently tasked to warrant renewal of the authorisation

(c) The senior examiner should expect to undertake refresher training as a senior examiner prior to an assessment of competence for renewal of the authorisation


The seminar is conducted in accordance with EASA AMC1 FCL.1020 and FCL.1025 and will include approximately 6 hours of presentations and discussions. Formal sessions will allow for a presentation time of up to 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes for questions. It is an interactive programme and is designed such that all delegates gain the maximum benefit from their time at the seminar. Delegates are required to attend all sessions of the seminar in order to qualify for the Certificate of Attendance. The subjects covered include:

  • Review of Senior Examiner Certificates, privileges and responsibilities 'in the field'

  • Review of CAA administrative procedures for the issue, revalidation and renewal of examiner certificates

  • Procedures for the assessment of competence for the revalidation and renewal of examiner certificates

  • Review of CAA Policy, Forms, Standards Documents, CAP 804, Information Notices, Guidance Material            

  • Review of EASA Part FCL including AMC and GM

  • Feedback on assessment of competence results and common reasons for failure

  • Briefing and debriefing techniques incorporating CRM/TEM

  • TS10 completion after assessment of competence

  • Applicability of appeal procedures under CAA regulations

  • Vested interests of examiners

  • Additional topics as specified by the CAA


You will be sent an information package (or you may download it from the link at the top of this page) which is designed to give you all the information you require prior to attending seminar. A name badge and a workbook will be given to you on arrival

What must I bring?
Every candidate attending the seminar SHALL bring with them ALL the following items:

  • Licence(s) - bring all licences EASA, JAA, UK, etc
    • particularly important if you are renewing after a long lay off
    • please ensure that your current licence only contains current and valid pages and that all the old pages and certificates are removed prior to attending the seminar. This will make the task of checking your licence much easier
  • Examiner certificate(s)  
    • these are normally located in your licence or maybe a separate certificate
  • Identification bearing a photograph of yourself eg. passport, airline ID, etc                                      

Please bring the items requested above as we have a duty of care to check all delegates licence(s) and examiner certificate(s) we might save you some embarrassment

On completion of the seminar you shall be issued with a Certificate of Attendance

On-Track Aviation will not be able to renew or revalidate your senior examiner certificate at the end of the seminar. This can only be done by the CAA once you have completed all the appropriate requirements

A list of candidates attending the seminar will be sent to the CAA by On-Track Aviation

Seminar Team

Each seminar uses a team of specialist presenters all of whom have considerable experience in their particular field. During the seminar our highly qualified team will share with you their skill, methods and knowledge gained over many years in aviation. The attendance of each presenter is subject to availability. The team includes:

  • Ian Alexander - On-Track Aviation Limited. Ian is one of our part time Operations Support Team personnel who also holds a PPL(A)
  • Paul Barker - On-Track Aviation Limited. Paul is a volunteer who helps our Operations Support Team and also holds a PPL(A)
  • Jon Cooke - Major UK Airline. Jon is an FIE, RTF Examiner, FE, CRE, IRE, Senior Examiner and Air/Ground Operator Examiner. He is also the Head of Training for the Pilot Coaching Scheme for the Light Aircraft Association (LAA)
  • Stephanie Giles - On-Track Aviation Limited. Stephanie is one our part time Operations Support Team personnel who also holds both a PPL(A) and PPL(H)
  • Mike Grierson - On-Track Aviation Limited. Mike who worked for the CAA gives us his considerable knowledge of EASA in addition to being an FIE, FE, Senior Examiner and RTF Examiner
  • Alan Newton - Cathay Pacific Airways and Director / Head of Training On-Track Aviation Limited. Alan is an RTF Examiner, FE, Senior Examiner and FIE on both land and seaplanes
  • Steve Oddy - On-Track Aviation Limited. Steve who worked for the CAA is an FE, FIE, Senior Examiner, CRE and IRE with many years of experience examining at all levels
  • David Simmonds - On-Track Aviation Limited. David who worked for the CAA is an FE, FIE, Senior Examiner and CRE with many years of experience as a senior examiner in both multi-pilot and single pilot aircraft
  • Veronica Tanner - On-Track Aviation Limited. Veronica is one our part time Operations Support Team personnel who also holds a PPL(A)
  • Keith Thomas - Keith is a GASCo Regional Safety Officer. He has instructed on both aeroplanes and helicopters and worked for the CAA. He is now a presenter on the Airspace Infringements Awareness Course
  • Faith Young - On-Track Aviation Limited. Faith is our Operations Manager


To apply for a place at an On-Track seminar could not be easier.

  • Post: On-Track Aviation Limited, Wellesbourne Mountford Aerodrome, Loxley Lane, Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, CV35 9EU
  • Email:
  • Telephone: +44 (0)1789 842777
  • Telephone / Fax: +44 (0)1789 842755
  • Online Registration: Register

All bookings must include a completed registration form and the correct fee before they will be accepted. All bookings are taken on a first come first served basis until the maximum number is reached for the venue. So to avoid disappointment book early


The seminar cost is £160 inclusive vat

This includes tea/coffee and a buffet lunch on the day. Overnight accommodation is not included (see Venue Information below). Payment in pounds sterling only using most major credit/debit cards, bankers draft, BACS or personal cheque made payable to On-Track Aviation Limited

Transfers and Cancellations

A seminar registration may be cancelled up to 14 working days with a full refund due. Any cancellation made after that time will be subject to a £20 administration fee. Registration places may be transferred to another date with no additional cost

Seminar Programme

Details of the seminar programme can be found through this link (programme)

Venue Information

Details of the venue can be found through this link (information)

Accommodation Information

Details of local accommodation can be found through this link (accommodation)


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