Aerobatic Rating

Aerobatic aeroplanes will be listed under EASA or Non-EASA types...

DHC1 Chipmunk (above)

T67M Firefly (above)

Pitts S2S (left)


Part FCL.800 states holders of a pilot licence for aeroplanes, TMG or sailplanes shall only undertake aerobatic flights when they hold an aerobatic rating

There will be no requirement to hold an aerobatic rating to fly aerobatics in non-EASA aircraft (e.g. Bulldog, Chipmunk, Tiger Moth, Harvard, etc)

Pre-Course Entry

Applicants for an aerobatic rating shall have completed:

  • at least 40 hours of flight time or, in the case of sailplanes, 120 launches as PIC in the appropriate aircraft category, completed after the issue of the licence (FCL.800(b)(1))

Ground / Flight Training

Complete a training course at an ATO, including:

  • theoretical knowledge instruction appropriate for the rating
  • at least 5 hours or 20 flights of aerobatic instruction in the appropriate aircraft category
    • this may include dual and supervised solo training flights


The ATO shall issue a certificate of satisfactory completion of the instruction prior to application to the CAA for licence endorsement


AOPA (UK) Basic Aerobatic Certificate Course Syllabus
Basic Aerobatics by R D Campbell and B Tempest
Conquest of Lines and Symmetry by Duane Cole
Royal Air Force Manual Flying AP3456 Volume 5
General Aviation Safety Sense Leaflet No:19 Aerobatic


The privileges of the aerobatic rating shall be limited to the aircraft category in which the flight instruction was completed.

The privileges will be extended to another category of aircraft if the pilot holds a licence for that aircraft category and has successfully completed at least 3 dual training flights covering the full aerobatic training syllabus in that category of aircraft


SERA.3130 Aerobatic Flight

Aerobatic flights shall only be carried out in accordance with:

(a) Union legislation or, where applicable, national legislation for aircraft operations regulated by Member States

(b) as indicated by any relevant information, advice and/or clearance from the appropriate air traffic services unit

CAP 393, The Air Navigation Order 2016 and Regulations, The Rules of the Air Regulations 2015, Section 3, General Rules, Collision Avoidance and Protection of Persons and Property

Aerobatic Flights

Aerobatic flight is not permitted:

(a) over the congested area of any city, town or settlement

(b) within notified controlled airspace(a) other than with the consent of the air traffic control unit notified as serving that airspace

Conversion Requirements for Aerobatic Privileges exercised on UK National/JAR-FCL Licence

To apply for an aerobatic rating the applicant shall:

1. Have received the theoretical knowledge specified in AMC1 to Part FCL.800, and sign to that effect on their application
2. Comply with any one of the following:

(a) Pilots who hold or have held a UK Display Authorisation, which includes/included authorisation to perform aerobatics at a display, shall submit a copy of the Display Authorisation

(b) Pilots who have completed aerobatic training with the United Kingdom military forces (other than the British Army) shall submit evidence of having completed satisfactorily, either:
(i) the UK RAF Elementary Flying Training course
(ii) the UK RN Elementary Flying Training course
(iii) a UK military Basic Fast Jet Flying Training course

(c) Pilots who have flown aerobatic manoeuvres at a BAeA sanctioned event (including glider events) shall provide evidence (other than log book records) of having flown aerobatic manoeuvres at such an event

(d) Pilots with FI(A) or AFI(A) ratings that have had the “no aerobatic restriction” removed following compliance with UK requirements to instruct aerobatics

(e) Glider pilots who have completed any of the BGA’s aerobatic courses shall submit evidence of satisfactory completion of the course

3. Aerobatic ratings may also be granted to pilots who apply on the basis of experience of flying aerobatics alone if they:

(a) Provide certified log book evidence of at least 5 hours of aerobatic flying in aeroplanes or gliders that have airworthiness certification for at least the manoeuvres specified in AMC1 to Part FCL.800
(b) Demonstrate to an instructor with the privilege to instruct in aerobatics (see note)
(i) the aerobatic manoeuvres listed in AMC1 to Part FCL.800
(ii) evidence of having the theoretical knowledge specified in AMC1 to Part FCL.800 and provide with their application a statement from that instructor that they completed those manoeuvres competently and safely and have the requisite knowledge

Note: The instructor shall be an FI(A) or AFI(A) who holds aerobatic instructional privileges, or a CRI(A) who complies with the requirements of Part FCL.905.CRI(a)(2)

Revalidation / Renewal

There are no revalidation / renewal requirements



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