AOPA (UK) Aerobatic Certificate - Basic


A candidate may commence the course at any time after qualifying for a licence. There are no minimum pre-entry hour or time requirements to enter the course of training

The syllabus is the result of a collaboration between AOPA and the BAeA (British Aerobatics Association). It will allow pilots who pass the Flight Competency Test to take part in a BAeA Beginners Aerobatic Competition

Most flying clubs and schools will recognise this certificate and should only require the pilot to complete an aircraft conversion and/or competency check before being cleared for aerobatics in the club/school aerobatic aircraft

There are no revalidation requirements but common sense and flight safety would dictate that any pilot not in current aerobatic practice (eg. not flown aerobatics within 28 days) should complete a dual flight with an aerobatic qualified instructor before flying solo aerobatics

Ground / Flight Training

The training will include:
  • 8 hours dual flight instruction (Pilots who already have some aerobatic experience may qualify for a reduction in the flying hours)
  • 8 hours theoretical knowledge training

Recoveries from all manoeuvres must be completed by a minimum of 1500 ft above the surface, and a maximum height must also be observed of 500 ft below the base of regulated airspace. Greater margins are likely to be wise until adequate experience has been gained

Flight Competency Test

Pass a Flight Competency Test with an instructor who is registered with AOPA for the purpose of conducting such tests

Engine/Airframe - knowledge of limitations and safety aspects
Pre-Flight Procedures
Slow Flight - Level, Turning, Climbing and Descending
Stall entries and recoveries from various flight attitudes
Advanced Turning - Maximum Rate Turns
Spins with non-precision recoveries
Recoveries from Unusual Attitudes
Aileron (Ballistic) Roll
Barrel Roll
Slow (Level) Roll
Stall Turn
Half Roll of the Top off a Loop
Half Cuban (rolling on down line) or Quarter Clover rolling downwards
Basic Sequence - 5 manoeuvres / figures (ideally the BAeA Beginners Known Sequence)
Overall Airmanship


Candidates who already have reasonable aerobatic experience and who wish to obtain an AOPA aerobatic certificate may apply for a flight competency test. A satisfactory standard of performance on this test will be accepted as meeting the requirements for the issue of the AOPA aerobatic certificate

Application for AOPA (UK) Aerobatic Certificate

Candidates who have passed the flight competency test may apply for the certificate. An application form completed by the candidate, signed by the instructor who has given the training and the person who completed the Flight Competency Test along with a fee must be sent to AOPA at the address below:

AOPA Administration Secretary
50a Cambridge Street
London SW1V 4QQ


AOPA (UK) Aerobatic Certificate Course Syllabus - Basic
Basic Aerobatics by R D Campbell and B Tempest
Conquest of Lines and Symmetry by Duane Cole
Royal Air Force Manual Flying AP3456 Volume 5
General Aviation Safety Sense Leaflet No: 19 Aerobatics
Better Aerobatics by Alan Cassidy


SERA.3130 Aerobatic Flight

Aerobatic flights shall only be carried out in accordance with:

(a) Union legislation or, where applicable, national legislation for aircraft operations regulated by Member States

(b) as indicated by any relevant information, advice and/or clearance from the appropriate air traffic services unit

CAP 393, The Air Navigation Order 2016 and Regulations, The Rules of the Air Regulations 2015, Section 3, General Rules, Collision Avoidance and Protection of Persons and Property

Aerobatic Flights

Aerobatic flight is not permitted:

(a) over the congested area of any city, town or settlement

(b) within notified controlled airspace(a) other than with the consent of the air traffic control unit notified as serving that airspace


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